They’re all more than just acronyms.

Eire isn’t actually an acronym at all!  It’s the Gaelic word for Ireland and was chosen because of our original Irish roots. But WEN, WES and STEM?  Those are different stories.

Eire is a proud member and sponsor of the Chicago chapter of WEN (Women’s Energy Network). WEN’s mission is to attract more women into energy through outreach programs; retain and develop women in energy by fostering relationships; and develop leadership competencies and industry insights through strategic partnerships. WEN’s vision is to be the premier organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops professional women working across the value chain.  And in fact, Eire is more than a member and sponsor of  WEN.  Our own Ellen Best is the current Membership Retention Chair.

The Women’s Energy Summit (WES) is an annual event that brings together women leaders to discuss current issues in the energy and water industries, and to work collectively for the advancement of women in the energy field. The summit also includes a Rising Star Forum which recognizes up-and-coming women professionals in the industry.  The day-long summit features speakers and panelists discussing some of the most relevant energy topics.  


Both WEN and WES believe strongly in the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education for young women and girls in particular.  By supporting and encouraging STEM for young women, we are inspiring our future energy leaders.

Learn more. Become a member.  Support women in STEM.


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