Double Trouble

Integrated Direct Mail & Digital Efforts

As direct marketers, we've never lost sight of the impressive results one-on-one communications ultimately deliver. But we also appreciate – and always recommend – an integrated marketing plan. Direct mail, that old but ageless, highly experienced tactic marches on. And when combined with digital advertising, really improves response rates.

Consumers spend an average of 37 seconds scanning direct mail, 118% longer than digital advertising. But timing is key. The effectiveness of an integrated effort improves when direct mail follows digital advertising.

  • 40% higher brand recall when direct mail follows an email

  • 26% higher offer interest when digital is followed up with direct mail

Now let's talk websites, an absolute necessity in today's digital world. In fact 90% of consumers visit a website before making a decision. And yet 96% leave that website without making a purchase. When these consumers are re-targeted based on their website visit, 70% are more likely to convert to an action.

Do you know that the average consumer receives more than 2,900 marketing messages a day? With an integrated, targeted marketing plan, the chances of standing out among the chaos will always improve.

Bragging Rights: Direct Mail Still Gets the Best Results

Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% compared to 0.6% email, 0.6% paid search, 0.2% online display, and 0.4% social media.*

Just saying!

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*Canadian Post/Ipsos Connecting for Action, 2016; Compu-Mail 2017

Hillary Weber