Our Character(s)

The people behind Eire set us apart. From impressive client experiences to successful marketing programs, from sports and recreation to quirks and costumes, take a minute to learn a little something about each of our team members. Rollover image for a quick introduction.

Eire Direct Marketing
Kyle Lockwood
As our resident perfectionist, Kyle knows exactly what he wants in the finished creative product. From a simple bill insert to complete rebranding to compelling web design, his creative is not only nice to look at, it works.
Patricia Green
Patricia sees things from a different vantage point than a lot of us. And her life-long experience of finding her way to the upside of things works well in business, too.
Alexis Jahnke
Lex, as we like to call her, is a long time Eire employee. As part of the account service team, she is endlessly managing multiple projects for multiple clients. FleetCor Technologies, American Dental Association, and Mizuho get the can-do service they’re looking for from Lex.
Marcia Rubino
Marcia has been a numbers girl for quite some time. We don’t want to mention ‘ledger books’ for fear of giving away too much about her experience, but we do like the way she always embraces new technology.
Katy Roessler
We appreciate her keen eye for detail when proofing a project. We understand her insistence on getting the color just right at a press OK. We credit her with physically approving the insertion order of every letter and every buckslip in every package.
Ellen Best
As fearless leader of the Eire Team since 1994, Ellen’s talents (and her laugh!) have gotten the attention of many clients including BP North America, American Bar Association, FleetCor Technologies, ComEd and Chase.
Jim Kearney
Like us, you might wonder about those common 3pm meetings. But for Jim, it’s just another day at the office. Lucky for Eire, he really does like to get out and make things happen. As an original partner of Eire, Jim likes to look for new ways to do business and mine relationship.
Hillary Weber
During the usual 9 to 5 at Eire, Hillary produces impressive creative work from printed collateral to digital design. Brochures and sales collateral, websites, emails and social media applications, sail across her screen each day.
Erin Hutchinson
Not only does Erin come to Eire from Indiana, she comes with experience in site-based marketing and operations, too. At Eire she has quickly become an integral part of the Account Service team, working on the Alyce, BP, ARCO, and ZCenter accounts.
Katie (McCracken) Moore
While writing copy and managing creative development, Katie keeps a close eye over all things creative. (You’d think she’d give her own name a once-over.) From interactive and web to print and direct mail, she’s involved in every creative project that comes through the agency.
Justine Hunter
There’s no getting around her. Justine has her finger(s) on the pulse of our creative work. For every creative project that comes to Eire, Justine keeps it on track.
Tina Rich
When Tina isn’t following the dance moves of her favorite performer, she’s working on getting things done with our clients. She knows how to work with organizational leadership to determine the best solution for achieving the common goal.